Look, I don't have time to be on any sort of waiting list (unless Nintendo or Apple release something else, then we're talking) or, you know, the $4,000+ it takes to have a real Kelly or Birkin bag by Hermès.

Turns out that it's a good time to be a geek, because high-end designers are recognizing their wired admirers — the other day, Chanel released their own app, and now Hermès wants you to have your own low-budget Kelly — by downloading it!

If you're down with papercrafts but wish your crafts ended up more Upper East Side than the monsters from Gobeesta, then download this from Hermès' website by clicking "I want it" (of course you do). Proceed as you would any papercraft — that is, cut, glue/tape, and then color to your heart's desire. Look at you — a free, custom Hermès!