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Download of the Day: Maddie

My friend often brings her little guy over for play dates, which is great, although I always get nervous when he climbs up on my office chair and starts pounding away at my laptop keyboard. Usually what ends up happening is his mom pulls him away and he's in tears for the rest of the afternoon. Since most of us keep our laptops and computers on for most of the day, its difficult to constantly keep a watchful eye on all the curious computer kiddies.

Maddie 1.0 is a great download for parents and anyone else who is worried about her or his four year old changing computer settings. This free program creates a simple, safe and kid-friendly environment to let toddlers pound on the keyboard and play with the mouse. It works by temporarily disabling the Windows key, and hides the other windows to prevent your baby from accidentally messing up that document you've been working so hard on!

To download Maddie, click here.

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Tech Tech 10 years
Thanks drummerchick1, that looks great and I'm sure all our Mac fans are very thankful!
drummerchick1 drummerchick1 10 years
That program appears to only be for Windows users....i have a Mac and found a program for you mac user that has similar features. It's called AlphaBaby. my nephews love it. for every button they push a letter or shape appears on screen and you can even set it to say what it is that appears (like when you press L it says L and shows one on the screen) here's the link for it!
bushra bushra 10 years
fantastic! now i can let the nieces and nephews on my HP without fear!
redsugar redsugar 10 years
I have a two-year old. We finally had to give him an old keyboard to pound on and he's completely happy.
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