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Download of the Day: Upcoming Birthdays

Somehow I can remember the names of every guy Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have dated, but I cannot for the life of me remember some of my closest friends' birthdays. Luckily, I usually get the month right, but it's just too hard to remember everyone's special date. Only a small percentage of my friends are on myspace (which a lot of people use for birthday reminders) so I was pleased to learn about the Upcoming Birthdays widget, which checks your Address Book for people with an upcoming birthday or for people with a birthday that just happened. All you have to do is click on their name and start writing your own personal Happy Birthday email. It's like mixing your mom's little birthday book and your little black book and giving it to Bree Van De Kamp. Prepare to get organized - and get invited to more birthday parties.

Download the Upcoming Birthdays on your Mac for free. Are you a PC user?

Birthday Calendar Reminder 3.2 is a reminder program for PCs. It has daily view, weekday view, weekly view and monthly view to see your events. It costs $29.99. If you want a free download, check out Birthday Alarm.

To learn how to post your favorite sites to the Download of the Day group, see below.

I know that this long list looks scary, but trust me, once you get the hang of it, it'll be a snap the second time around.

  1. First of all, join the Download of the Day group
  2. Click "Create and Share!" on the left hand side
  3. Choose "Blog"
  4. Give your photo a Title
  5. Leave the category as "general"
  6. Change the channel to "technology and gadgets"
  7. Add keyword(s) (for example mine for this photo was "Download of the Day")
  8. Click on the "Add Image" link below the "body" box
  9. A popup window will happen - click on "Browse" to find your image on your computer
  10. Once you have the image chosen, click "Submit"
  11. The popup will show you your image, choose size: "normal" - if you want, you can give it a title (which will show up as a caption)
  12. Click "Insert" and the popup will go away
  13. Your "body" box will now have some text in it. Leave it as is. If you want to add some text before the picture telling me why you love the download, do it before the code that has appeared.
  14. Click Submit

So join the Download of the Day group and start information about all your favorite downloads! Yours just might end up on the Geeksugar homepage!

Join The Conversation
jendudley jendudley 10 years
Awesome find! That is a neat little widget.
catstarr catstarr 10 years
I keep a list of peoples birthdays in my phone- but this will make it much easier to remember!
julieulie julieulie 10 years
An even better solution is FinderFox, an add-on for your Firefox browser. It lets you know when there is an upcoming event (so you have time to go buy a card for those of us who still think a card is more appropriate than an email) and on the day-of, displays the event in the bottom bar of the Firefox browser.
GIOVS GIOVS 10 years
is great, because sometimes you forget special dates, and the people turn sad, perfect!
ALSW ALSW 10 years
Great idea!
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