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Drake's Emoji Tattoo

Drake Causes Controversy Over His Thought-Provoking Emoji Tattoo

Check out the new ink rapper Drake is sporting. Besides being an emoji, it's also stirring up a debate. What came first: the chicken or the egg? What is the real meaning of life? These are deep philosophical questions that may forever remain unanswered, but one major life mystery has been solved — people just don't seem to like the truth. Drizzy recently fired up a debate when he decided to get a tattoo of the praying hands emoij, making the much-used icon a permanent fixture on his body. Many people incorrectly use the emoji as a high five, but research in to the matter, as well Emojipedia (aka the emoticon bible), beg to differ.

In a well-timed screen cap of Drake's response to the photo taken by Dr. Woo at Shamrock Social Club, the rapper avoided giving a straightforward response to how he himself interprets the tiny icon. Instead, he reminded us that "life is what you make it." So wise. Either way, he definitely is a prime example of someone who is serious about stepping up their emoji game.

Front Page and Main Image: Instagram user dr_woo_ssc

Image Source: Getty
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