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Is the Droid a Man's Phone?

He's a Droid, I'm an iPhone: Are We a Stereotype?

From the beginning, the Motorola Droid has been marketed towards guys. Just let the commercials and advertisements speak for themselves. One even proclaims: "No. It's not a princess. It's a robot. A phone that trades hair-do for can-do." Need I say more?

A recent survey found 73 percent of Android users are male. Couple the guys' love for the OS and the robot-like feel of the phone, and the Droid does seem to be the perfect guy phone.

As much as I want to start ranting about how annoying it is that advertisers think certain gadgets are for guys, and others are for women, I can't. Find out why when you



The fact that the Droid is marketed as a "guys' phone" really didn't really cross my mind — beyond the long hair incident, at least — until my BF and I took a day trip with another Droid-iPhone couple. We started joking about our phones, and after a quick discussion, we realized we've only seen a few women with the Droid. I'm not one for polarizing "guy" or "girl" gadgets, but it seems like me and my guy (and our friends) play right into this stereotype. And there's proof in the accessories too; judging by the amount of blingy, sparkly iPhone cases I've seen relative to the number of similar Droid cases (a quick search turned up a few), the iPhone is a lot more feminine. I also think it's a little prettier to look at, but I do love the Android OS. My guy is proud of his "robot" phone, and I'm not ready to give up my shiny, pretty iPhone. I've never felt that gadgets had a gender . . . but I may have to admit to being a part of this stereotype. Any other iPhone-Droid couples out there?

Source: Flickr User scriptingnews

PontNeuf PontNeuf 7 years
I'm a Droid and she's an iPhone, though we're both women. Does it count if she's more butch and I'm more femme ?
bchicgrl bchicgrl 7 years
I think it's silly but I do see your point, the ads did point towards the male demographic but I'm going to one of those ppl getting a droid (or maybe the nexus one) next week sometime. I have my verizon credit waiting and I will not switch even though I would love if iPhone would come to verizon. I hated AT&T's service, I had nothing but problems. Verizon's service has been fantastic for me.
jultritz jultritz 7 years
I'm a woman and I can't wait to get the Droid. Since I have been a Verizon customer for about 7 years, I always miss out on the introductory pricing. Here's hoping they have a special soon because I am not sure I can wait another year for my $100 off!
skigurl skigurl 7 years
we are not a Droid/iPhone couple but we are a bit of stereotype because my boyfriend has this crazy rugged work phone and i have a little girlie's so obvious whose is whose
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 7 years
I am a women who loves my Droid, so I guess I don't fit the stereotype. My husband also loves his Droid. My best friend and her husband are also both Droid people. I prefer the Droid for a variety of reasons including the full keyboard. While the Droid is a touch screen like the iphone, I have the option of the regular keyboard which works much better for my fingers. I really don't care about whether or not it looks clunkier than the iphone. It's functional and fun to use regardless of how it looks.
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