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Droid X Using 5X More Data: Verizon Paid Data Plan Coming?

Jul 22 2010 - 11:15am

It was a big to-do when AT&T switched to a tiered smartphone data plan structure [1], and Verizon could be adopting the same strategy as early as July 29 [2]. There are no details or confirmations yet, but it's becoming clear that the new batch of do-it-all smartphones that we all know and love — like the iPhone, Droid X, and EVO 4G — can easily suck down the data if you aren't careful. In fact, a Verizon representative says that Droid X users are consuming five times the data of other cellphone users [3] on its network.

Worried yet? You already know how to check the data consumption on an iPhone [4], but do you know how to check your usage on a Verizon phone? Find out an easy way after the jump.

Download and use the MyVerizon App, which recently got an update that includes a handy data counter [5] for quick and easy monitoring. Might as well get used to it now — the Droid X could just push Verizon over the edge to start charging by the GB!

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