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Droid vs. iPhone: Which Has Better GPS?

He's a Droid; I'm an iPhone: GPS Edition

The hype surrounding Motorola's Droid is understandable — for the first time, a phone has really started to give the iPhone a run for its money. Although phones can be polarizing, my guy and I have agreed to disagree on our top phone picks: he's a Droid, while I'm an iPhone.

This weekend, we took a road trip south from San Francisco down California's famed Route 1, and as we approached our first destination, we realized neither of us knew exactly where we were going. It was a race for GPS directions.

Who took home the prize for the fastest directions? Both phones successfully run Google Maps, though the Droid's mapping feature was a bit faster than my iPhone's. However, once we tried to find our way from a restaurant back to our hotel, the Droid and iPhone suggested completely different routes. So which phone won the GPS debate? Find out when you



Neither GPS was a standout after meandering our way down the coast, but there was one feature that solidified the iPhone vs. Droid debate; the turn-by-turn directions offered by the Droid. Yes, I admit it: the Droid's GPS is amazing. It talks to you just like any in-car GPS in a sweet and soothing tone (he even named the voice "Svetlana") and you can run the program on any Android 2.0 phone. I highly recommend it.

While the Droid may have won this round of he vs. she, stay tuned for more Droid vs. iPhone stories. His phone is only a few weeks old, so there are many more to come.

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suziryder suziryder 7 years
I was in San Fran over Christmas and even though I had full bars of 3G, I had no internet connection at all (I'm an iPhone) - if I lived in San Fran, that'd be wayyyy to irritating to put up with on a daily basis. I'd probably go for the droid, but I do love how intuitive everything about the iPhone is, and I don't think any phones can beat the iPhone in that regard.
staple-salad staple-salad 7 years
I'm getting a Droid in May as soon as I can cancel my AT&T contract without a penalty. Due to all the iPhones clogging AT&T, I can barely make phone calls or text anymore, they drop all the time even when I have 5 bars and 3G coverage in the middle of a field (true story). Granted, unless Verison learned from AT&T, theirs will probably be just as bad when everyone gets Droids, but... Can't wait for the next Droid vs. iPhone, I want to learn more about the Droids features in a user-review type of way!
Jmartens Jmartens 7 years
I like this type of post...looking forward to the next round of Droid vs iPhone!
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