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Not Pony Tails or Cotton Tails — DuckTales the Video Game Returns

Is that danger right behind you? A stranger out to find you? Probably, because this is DuckTales Remastered ($15), the 2013 reimagining of the 1989 single-player Nintendo game based on the animated show DuckTales (woo-oo).

WayForward, the developer behind the original 8-bit version (and published by Capcom) gave Scrooge McDuck and nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie a sleek makeover for their trek around the world to find the five Legendary Treasures in African Mines, the Amazon, the Himalayas, Transylvania, and the Moon.

For late '80s cartoon purists, the game employs the same voice actors as the series itself: that's 93-year-old Alan Young back in the role of Scrooge. Have the grumpiest duck around fight villains with his pogo stick/cane and even take a dip in a room of gold coins.


DuckTales Remastered is out now on Nintendo, PlayStation, and PC; Sept. 11 on Xbox. And just in case you need a refresher on why DuckTales was such an important part of your animated past, sing along to the theme song after the break.

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