Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan Review: Feel the Breeze

Oh, Dyson. Why must you be so far out of my reach? I've been longing for one of the designer vacuums from the high-tech appliance company for some time now, so there was no way I was refusing delivery on the new 10-inch Air Multiplier Table Fans ($300). Dyson sent this futuristic fan for me (and my lucky office mates) to review at the perfect time — the weather was heating up in SF, and our stuffy AC-less office was in dire need of some refreshment.

Pulling the fan out of the box, I immediately thought it looked like something from another planet — a large round head sitting on top of a stout cylindrical body, this was no ordinary fan. Without blades, the fan sucks air in through the base, and pushes it out the top in one solid stream of air.

The fan oscillates and tilts so you get maximum air flow where you need it, and even adjusts to different levels of power. What's my verdict? Find out when you read more.


Although the Dyson fan isn't the most powerful thing on the planet, it does its job well. I felt cooled and refreshed on some of the warmer days recently, and I certainly don't miss the buffeting sounds you get from regular fans with blades. It's not the quietest fan though — power this baby up all the way and it produces a noticeable hum. The most amazing thing about this fan is its ability to start a conversation. The first time I turned the Air Multiplier on, I got several IMs from people around the office wondering what that "thing" was on my desk. At least people noticed it for its beauty, and not its noise!