And I don't mean geek chic. The EU is concerned about the image of the IT Industry in Europe because they need to attract more women, but fear the current stigma of workers in tech as "geeky and unsociable" will keep the ladies out of the tech workforce.

Europe needs 300,000 female workers in the industry by 2010, and EU Commissioner Viviane Reding says women think careers in IT are "boring and too technical," even though there are tons of jobs and a huge demand for women.

In my little universe, surrounded by my gaggle of geeky girls here, I want to turn my nose up and say "nuh uh" but I have to acknowledge that there's truth to it. A friend of mine in HR at Google says the company is desperate for female engineers, but they're "just not there." A guy I met recently had interviewed at YouTube, but admitted that it was a "much dorkier" job than he'd ever seen himself in (yes, I assured him this was the Bay Area, where tech is the height of coolness).

What do you think about tech jobs? Do they sound boring? Cool? Do you want one?