As you know, I've been anxiously waiting for the arrival of the Nintendo DSi (which comes out this Sunday), but lo and behold, I got a special delivery in the office yesterday: a Nintendo DSi cake and the DSi itself! After taking in the craftsmanship of the cake, I dove into the DSi to take a few first impressions.

Right off the top? The DSi's looks haven't changed much from its predecessor — it is a bit lighter, but definitely feels more rugged with its matte finish. As expected, the dual screens have a richer color, and the two cameras (one facing you and one facing outward) take some pretty impressive photos for being just 0.3-megapixels. Actually, some of the funnest features of the camera come with the distortion and customization tools you can play around with, like turning your face into a kaleidoscope. It reminds me a lot of Photo Booth that comes standard with a Mac, and who knows how many hours I've spent playing around with that!

Although I wasn't able to test out the DSi Shop or buy any games with my 1000 free Shop points (it goes live April 5), I had no problem picking up Sugar HQ's WiFi signal, which is a good sign for online play and downloading. To see more photos of the new DSi, hear about some of my other favorite features, and check out some shots of the geeksugar DSi cake that Nintendo sent over, just


I'm kinda in love with the DSi's music feature. Not only does it play back your own music (which almost makes the DSi the only portable entertainment system you'll need), but you can record short sound clips of your own as well. And just like the camera, you can distort the clips — run them backwards, forwards, and even drag your stylus to change the tone.

Overall, the DSi brings the fun of the DS Lite, but with more bells, whistles, and things to play around with when you aren't involved in a game. Stay tuned for a full review of the DSi next week when I can open up the DSi Shop, and really take this baby for a test drive!