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If Your City Got Free WiFi, Would You Stop Getting Your Own?

As the news rolls in that Earthlink is pulling its citywide WiFi coverage from Philadelphia, any geeky San Franciscan is probably thinking about how close we came to having public WiFi blanket cover our fair city too (please say it's not over till it's over, Gav).

Bittersweetness aside, I've thought of how it would realistically affect me - and I'm pretty sure that it would be absolutely amazing in terms of taking my laptop anywhere to work and play - any coffee shop, getting a pedi, any park. But here's the rub: No way would I stop paying for DSL at home.

San Francisco's offer from Google would have meant a connection speed of 300k, and when my DSL is five times faster than that, I just can't swap. Which is a shame, because I would love for free public WiFi to mean a bill I could get rid of. But what about you? If your city got free public WiFi, would you get rid of yours at home?


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