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Easter Gifts: A Geek's Guide

Easter Gifts: A Geek's Guide

I was in the seasonal aisle of Walgreens this weekend grumbling about the fact that I've just finished my Valentine's Day candies and the rest of the world has already settled in to Cadbury eggs, when I realized that there is a whole basket full (I couldn't help myself!) of geeky spring gadgets that are way cuter and less fattening than any Easter candy. If you are in the market for bunnies, chicks, eggs and chocolates consider asking the Easter bunny for one of these treats instead of something sugary-sweet.

Nabaztag Tag
The Nabaztag is one of my all time favorite geeky items and if you are going to buy one, spring is certainly the season. It looks like a rabbit, but it’s so much more. Nabaztag is a WiFi device that communicates with your computer to tell you the time, wakes you up, reads you the news, gives you stock information and even tells you the weather. With its built in microphone, you simply tell Nabaztag what you want to hear and it relays the info you seek in the cutest way imaginable. $179.95

There are even cuter gadgets,

I Rub My Duckie
Like the OhMiBod, the I Rub My Duckie is more naughty than geeky, but it fits right in with the Easter season. It looks like the standard, yellow bathtub fowl of old, but underneath its rubbery shell is a powerful motor that allows this quacker to double as a personal massager. Operated by 2 AA batteries, the quiet motor is waterproof. You can deduce the rest. $14.95

USB Duck Dock
Japan's Solid Alliance has released a new i-Duck USB Memory Storage device that is the most festive, spring-inspired gadget you can find. The i-Duck uses a USB 1.1 interface and has a storage capacity of 256MB. When you plug it in your USB port, the i-Duck lights up. For me, this one falls in the "but why?" category, but it does get a little "awww" for being small, bright and friendly looking. $99

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