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When I saw Martha Stewart on the cover of August's 'How To' edition of Wired Magazine showing off her "homemade" Wii cake I briefly considered following her directions and recipe (hers was mostly cardboard and not edible). That is until I remembered what a disaster I am when it comes to baking projects. When I learned Flickr user rufus50 (real name Brian W) had taken the Martha Stewart cover as a personal challenge to create a scrumptious Wii cake I tracked him down. No, I didn't get a piece, but it sure looks amazing.

What made Brian create this intricate, award-worthy cake?

geeksugar: How did you come up with the idea?
Brian: I subscribe to WIRED magazine and saw that Martha Steward made a Wii cake in the last issue. After reading about it I found it was not edible. So being ambitious, I figured I could make one looked like a Wii and that tasted good too. After a few failed attempts this is what I got.

geeksugar: Have you made other intricate cakes before?
Brian: Well, I have at least a dozen cakes that I made posted on my flickr site, but many more that I never got photos of. So probably around 30 or so cakes. The two that I think came out the best are the air stream camper and the flower purse for my grilfriend b-day.

geeksugar: Do you own a Wii?
Brian: Yes I do own a Wii. We got lucky enough to get one back around Feb or so. It has made for some great parties. We ( my girlfriend and I) actually told all our friends we had big news, they thought we were getting married but to their surprise we got a Wii. We are engaged now.

geeksugar: That's cute. So how much did the cake sell for at the auction?
Brian: I'm not sure what the cake sold for. I never went back to ask, but I did get a piece of it and it was good.

Cake photo courtesy of rufus50.

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