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Eidos Goes All Out for Batman: Arkham Asylum Launch

Eidos Pulls Out All the Stops For Batman Arkham Asylum

Although I haven't had a chance to dive into the full release version of Batman: Arkham Asylum since it landed in my mailbox on Monday, I did get a taste of the action while at E3. From the 15 minute demo that I witnessed, I can tell you that the game is kinda creepy, but totally awesome. . . especially when you're playing in combat mode.

But before I can divulge any details about the game, I have to give some props to publisher Eidos — Arkham Asylum came packaged with my very own emergency straitjacket kit! You know, just to make sure that if things get out of hand while I'm playing, someone can subdue me properly. Nice touch!

Batman: Arkham Asylum starts with you trapped in (what else?) Arkham Asylum, trying to track down The Joker who is plotting your demise with the help of a gang of fellow inmates. Combat is in a free flow style, which means if you combo moves and hits, you can max out your experience and kick major butt with power moves. The controls were nice and smooth, and were easy to get the hang of. But some of the best parts about the game are the stealth and detective modes. Learn more about these features and others when you



In detective mode, you can see through walls with a special visor to detect heat signatures, fingerprints, and even smell cigarette smoke and alcohol on the breath of your enemies before they can see you. In Stealth, you can use your silent skills to take down The Jokers' posse without others seeing or hearing. Plus, using your batarang and working with the architecture of the building — like perching on ledges and hanging upside down on poles like a bat — helps you take down your enemies faster, while racking up the skill.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is available now online and in stores for your Xbox 360 and PS3.

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NatalieSuleski NatalieSuleski 8 years
im getting the collectors edition :D Yay this looks awsome
tashab tashab 8 years
where did you order yours from?? my boyfriend got the collector's edition from GameStop that came with a batarang and a couple other things, but I'd love to get him a straitjacket!!
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