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Electronic Cigarette - Pricey Way To Kick Butts

The blog world is a buzz right now about a $200 battery-powered electronic cigarette that you smoke just like the real thing - only it delivers nicotine as a vapor.

Designed by China's Golden Dragon Group, the Ruyan "e-cigarette" was reportedly created for "health" and "pleasure" reasons and is battery operated. The company said it expects sales to double in 2007 as it expands overseas.

According to China Daily, the faux ciggies consist of a built-in microprocessor and atomizer that combine air intake with nicotine from a cartridge. When inhaled, it gives off a vapor that the company says is non-toxic. $200 for a fake cancer stick that is "non-toxic" but still lets out nicotine? I'm not buying it.


terrymetcalfe terrymetcalfe 8 years
I have tried the electronic cigarettes and have not looked back since. My health has improved i am able to smoke in environments where smoking is banned and have managed to cut down. Next stop is to stop smoking!
thiemow thiemow 9 years
I use a electronic cigarette since a number of weeks, and it works great. I actually tried a number of devices. Normal smoking is bad for your health, but i do not really want to stop smoking, so... The devices are in early stage of development, and because of that he needs to be cleaned regularly, else it smokes less well. But my lungs (and house) stays clean :-)
GIOVS GIOVS 10 years
for some people would be great, but i don´t smoke and yes, pay $200 for a fake cancer, yep, i don´t buy it nether
danizzle danizzle 10 years
smoking is horrible. my dad was diagnosed with throat cancer when i was 13. thank g-d he is better now, but anything that will help you stop smoking, regardless of the price, is well worth it in my eyes. a few hundred bucks, or your life?
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 10 years
I'd try anything to get my M-I-L to stop smoking before the baby arrives!!
designergirl designergirl 10 years
I think its definitely the habit of smoking- the oral fixation that is the hardest to break. I'm currenty in the process of quitting smoking, and, I have to admit, this looks pretty awesome to me. Seems like a good idea, but I wouldn't go so far as to label it "healthy." I also don't think that helping people quit smoking is a waste of money, either.
junebrug junebrug 10 years
Strange. I'd be willing to try it if it really was "healthy", which it might be since the tar, et all are what causes cancer. But I don't see how this would help a person to quit -- you're still getting the nicotine so you'd still crave cigarettes in any form. And how long can you smoke it? A regular smoker would probably break the thing in a week. Now, that's an expensive habit.
rubialala rubialala 10 years
catstarr catstarr 10 years
Hm, I'm a smoker....who definetly smokes out of habit, not a nicotine fix. I probably spend about that much on cigarettes a month...... I'd kind of want to try it.
colormesticky colormesticky 10 years
If I were a smoker trying to quit, I might consider this. It costs the same as 4 boxes of nicotene gum or patches. And at least it doesn't have tar and whatever other crap they put in cigarettes.
bitesize bitesize 10 years
Actually this isn't so bad... a lot of people crave the act of smoking even more than the nicotine itself... I know plenty of people who spend over $200/mo for cigarettes, and this could be a way to help them quit. Whatever works, is where I'm at! I'd do anything to get my mom and dad to stop smoking.
Jessstin Jessstin 10 years
You'd have to make sure not to chuck it once your nic session was over.
lostbronte lostbronte 10 years
Pointless, anyone?
smarler smarler 10 years
If I hadn't already quit smoking, I'd give it a shot.
jhuck jhuck 10 years
I never quite understood why people would start smoking anyway, but this seems ridiculous. Let's spend time and money making a fake cigarette that still involves nicotine and ignore more important things in this world that could use that funding.
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