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Ellen Page and Wilco Texting for SNL Promo

Ellen Page & Wilco: Texting Machines

Dear SNL, I love you. Love, geeksugar.

Not only did SNL bring back ultimate geeky girl Tina Fey for their first show back from the strike, tonight's host is going to be Ellen Page (whose Juno hamburger phone was a big winner in Oscar Season), along with Wii-lovers and all-around bada**es Wilco. Either SNL is a huge geeksugar fan and trying to seduce me with this promo, or they just got the memo that Ellen Page = young, and young people = texting.

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sashak sashak 9 years
I LOVE Wilco but I was not impressed with their performance :( But Ellen was cute hell & the skit with her as Miley Cyrus was really funny!
FactCheckinCuz FactCheckinCuz 9 years
sooo happy i stayed home tonight! i never ever saw the preview so i was delighted with this surprise!
DreaAST DreaAST 9 years
i will watch.
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 9 years
I hate SNL but I like Ellen Page and LOVE Wilco. I may have to actually watch this.
x_juicyfruit x_juicyfruit 9 years
I'll be watching!
Rhiannon Rhiannon 9 years
Wilco is my all time favorite band. I have been waiting for them to get the SNL gig for a long time. I can't wait to see them tonight.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
i'm so watching that tonight!!!
kitkatherine kitkatherine 9 years
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