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Emoji Costumes

Dance Into the Best Halloween Costume as Emoji Girls

Best friends dance together in the same black leotards, bows, and shoes all the time, right? The wild world of Emoji thinks so! Not familiar with Emojis? They're the colorful characters that can be activated in an iPhone's keyboard settings to add fun faces and symbols to texts. You can even have an entire artful conversation using Emojis only.

How best to honor our favorite part of digital communication? Channeling it for Halloween, of course! Here, get the look of one of our favorite Emoji images, the dancing friends. Grab your best gal, and remember, where they go, you go Halloween night.

Black Leotard ($17-$20): Work your dual dancing spirit in a cap-sleeved black leotard. Then, let the rhythm move you.


Hair Bow ($4): Some people may think the little black dots on Dancing Girl One's and Two's heads are cat ears. In keeping with the moving and grooving spirit, we prefer to imagine those as big, poofy black bows.

Black Shoes ($40): Complete the look with black shoes. The all-black canvas Keds will keep you in comfort as you dance the night away with your Emoji spirit sister.

For added inspiration, check out Pinterest user little fashionista's spot-on rendition.

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