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Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Get Cozy at the French Open and Heidi and Seal Kissing at the Emmys

Couples Pics: Does a Stranger Take or Do You Take Yourself?

You finally get whisked away to that tropical island you've been fantasizing about behind your cubicle, but once you get there, you're forced to ask strangers to take some romantic shots of you and your beau. Other options include setting up a mini tripod, do the "hold out the arm and hope for the best shot," find a steady surface and 10-9-8 run to get that perfect picture, or you can get a random to play paparazzi.

When the adorable Seal and Heidi Klum attended the Emmys on Sunday, Seal got creative by capturing the photo himself on his iPhone as the two shared a kiss. But while watching the French Open (yes they managed to tear themselves away from their laptops), Eva Longoria and Tony Parker asked a total stranger to do the honors for them. I'd say I'm a good combo of both methods, what about you?

Image Source: WireImage
katalibria katalibria 8 years
We take most of them ourselves with a tripod or propped on something. I've had friends get all confused about how we manage to get pictures of ourselves taken high up on a mountain after a hike. hehe.
kitkatherine kitkatherine 8 years
Ah, sigh. I tri-pod it up. Because, you know, we carry our tri-pod around. Or I do the one arm out. I love the fact that I always miss.
TidalWave TidalWave 8 years
I always ask people to take a picture of us; self-portraits come out awkward
Angelica Angelica 8 years
I love asking strangers to take pics. 90% of the time the pics are awful and that always cracks me up. And then, there will be a total gem. It's a social and photo experiment.
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