Having started a group called Cell Phone Rant, I'm fairly sure you know where I stand on cell phones at the dinner table: Emergency situations permitted only. However, being that text messaging is newer than cell phones and some people think it's less obtrusive to be "quietly" typing, I hate it.

Maybe it's because I'm old, but when my little sister whips out her phone and is click-click-clacking to someone else, I get irritated and offended — when you're with someone, be with them. I loved seeing an episode of Tori and Dean recently where one of Tori Spelling's BFFs calls her out for being "so rude" by texting while out at dinner.

But like I said, maybe this is a new thing that as a non-youth, I am just not a part of. I say, texting at the dinner table: Emergency situations only. What do you think?