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Exclusive New Video: Pharrell Williams Talks About Music and Why He's a PC

Pharrell Williams: "I'm a PC, Just Like B.G."

Microsoft did something right picking Pharrell Williams to declare that he's a PC in their new "I'm a PC" ad campaign; there's not many celebrities that are as effortlessly hip as him (he'll be joining my Top 10 gadget endorsers), surely helping turn the company's staid image on its head. Check out this outtakes and interview video of Mr. Pharrell from the ads, talking about his love of music and getting geeky over energy, molecules, and technology.

There are some great little non-PC tidbits as well — did you know what N.E.R.D. stood for? Crazy!

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bess24 bess24 8 years
Sorry, but a few of you are wrong, ladies. Everyone in the music industry uses Pro Tools, which comes for PCs and Macs. LOVE this ad. I don't care what he uses, he is delicious.
Ikandy Ikandy 8 years
Mmmmmmmmmmm...Pharrell is sooooooooo yummy!
eLdanae eLdanae 8 years
I too have a hard time believing he's a PC. I mean hshs1 is totally right, almost everyone in the music industry uses a Mac. I just don't buy it. I'll always be a Mac girl :)
hshs1 hshs1 8 years
he's so not a pc, def a mac dude. He's a music producer! Pretty much every person in the music industry uses a mac, I can't believe that one of the most influential producers in the music world would not be using a mac, sorry. Good try through Microsoft!
Black-Velveteen Black-Velveteen 8 years
Whatever. I'm a Mac girl for life.
jasmint jasmint 8 years
Being a total Mac girl, this is making me question my love for Pharrell a little, I'm not gonna lie. I'm with dreamie me -- maybe I'm in denial, but I want to believe he's a Mac, or at least has both. ?
dreamie-me dreamie-me 8 years
I don't buy that Pharrell is a PC. He is definitely a Mac.
RistenKay RistenKay 8 years
I was totally stumped as to who that was when I saw the new ad this weekend!! I did, however, catch the BG reference and piece that together... my hampster was up and running on his wheel that morning WITHOUT coffee believe it or not...hahaha But seriously, this is a great artist/celeb that not many people know of or recognize by name. (The past few years I keep finding myself saying, "You know- that guy who did that song with Justin Timberlake?" or that song "Frontin'" ??) Anywho, speaking of this commercial, it is NOT the same PC guy (at the beginning) as in the Mac commercials right? They have that camera pretty far out and I'm sure Mac wouldn't want to share...
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