Have you ever spent hours "Stumbling" the web, trying to find something new and exciting, but not sure where to look? Let Me.dium take it from here.

Available for Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, and Flock, this add-on gives you a virtual map of the Internet, showing you what pit stops you should make based on your browsing activity. For instance, if you are looking for new music, hit up your usual tried-tested-and-true web pages and see what pops-up on the sweet little sidebar.
Got some time to kill? There's another reason you'll dig Me.dium. Find out what it is when you

Another cool feature on Med.dium let's you see what your pals are browsing, all while chit-chatting about what you're looking at in real time with Me.dium Talk. Cool if you want to debate the latest news pages with your pal, or need her opinion on a cool apartment you have your eye on. Alleviating the whole copy/paste task, she can just click your icon in her Me.dium map and off she goes to the page you're currently viewing. But the name Me.dium Talk seems a little boring for such an innovative feature. Maybe they could call it Churfing? Or Shatting? Anybody?

Me.dium is free to download and takes just a few seconds to register. Thankfully, they don't ask for your addy or cell numbers, and promise that they only use your web browsing history to find you some cool sites to check out from the vast reaches of the Internet.