4 Reasons to Love Fable III

As I mentioned yesterday, I got a chance to chat with Fable III franchise lead Louise Murray about the latest edition of the Fable series. Not only will there be some new customization features included in the game, but there's a few other reasons why you will love the action RPG. Check out four of them below!

  • Customization — Now, you can customize the interior of your homes even further. Add different wallpapers, decor themes, and even move pieces around where you want them, instead of them staying in designated locations. What's more, your closet will get a boost with more wardrobe options and colors. You'll even see your outfits on a mannequin before you select so you can really see if that top goes with those bottoms.
  • Star Power — An extra added bonus to Fable III is the famous voices you'll hear throughout your adventure. John Cleese, Sir Ben Kingsley, and Simon Pegg all lend their voices to the game.

See the rest of my list when you read more.

  • Updated Menu and Maps — Gone are the laborious menu lists and tiny map! Now when you press the Start button, you'll be taken to a menu hub (called the "Sanctuary") that offers an up-close look at your achievements, wardrobe, and a map that details your real estate investments and quests.
  • Garden Gnomes — Remember hunting down those noisy gargoyles in Fable II that earned you achievements? Well this time you'll be hunting down garden gnomes. Who doesn't love garden gnomes??

Check out some Fable III screenshots and get a closer look at some of the interior design options in the video below!

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