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Facebook Bans 20,000 Children a Day

Are Underage Facebook Pages a Big Deal?

Everyone wants to be on Facebook, especially Generation Z. In fact, the site bans 20,000 children a day for trying to set up an account and being under 13.

But it only catches the kids who tell the truth (yes, some obviously do!), and in reality, many parents don't mind letting their children lie about their age in order to set up a Facebook page. After all, it's an easy way for parents to have a window into their child's social world and otherwise keep tabs on the increasingly complex lives of the preteen set.

In a time where most children have a parent-sanctioned online persona by age 2, is it odd that Facebook sets an age limit? While I can see why moms and dads see no harm in letting their kids set up an account — you can easily change settings so that only friends have access to personal information as well as set if a child's picture can be tagged — worries over Facebook's ever-changing privacy policies and the amount of personal information children can potentially include in their profiles would make me think twice if I were a parent of a preteen.

Do you think there should be a ban on "underage" Facebooking?

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kaykayelle kaykayelle 6 years
"In a time where most children have a parent-sanctioned online persona by age 2, is it odd that Facebook sets an age limit?" It's not odd, it's the law. Websites can't collect information on kids under 13.
thecolor thecolor 6 years
makes no sense, they'll just work around it. if they made it open, with safety measures built in (for underage setup), it's safer than working around it and using the typically BAD safety measures FB refuses to implement for the rest of the population.
Tasel Tasel 6 years
I forgot the link to the tech crunch article about it -
Tasel Tasel 6 years
There already is a "underage" facebook. Disney just acquired it. It's called Togetherville. Allows parents to set up their ids and then their kdis so they can approve friends or keep track of their kids while the kids have alot of the freedoms of a normal social network. After all most kids have more in common with their online friends, than most do with local people in their areas alot of times.
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