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Facebook Cake Is Totally Appropriate on Its 10th Birthday

Feb 4 2014 - 6:30am

Facebook may be celebrating its 10th birthday today, but it's not the only one out there that deserves some Facebook birthday cake. Nope, plenty of other people celebrate special occasions with the ultimate Facebook dessert. Call them obsessed, call them realistic, but they're definitely not alone. Behold, our favorite designs.

Source: Instagram user chrysf [1]

When 61-Year-Olds Celebrate With a Facebook Cake

Source: Instagram user momani [2]

Status Comments That Keep It Real

Source: Instagram user fmcakes [3]

When You Can't Tell If This Is Real or Fake Cake

Source: Instagram user harjinderkukreja [4]

How Does No One Like This Status? Also Note the Number of Selfies

Source: Instagram user chrysf [5]

Sometimes You Spell Vanessa With a Lowercase "F"

Source: Instagram user almirborges [6]

Nice Candle Placement

Source: Instagram user hollycatbut [7]

Because Facebook Cupcakes Are Just as Essential

Source: Instagram user befuulish [8]

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