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Facebook Changes Privacy Settings

Facebook Changes Regional Networks and Privacy Settings

Facebook regional networks will soon be a thing of the past, founder Mark Zuckerberg recently wrote in an open letter to Facebook. Zuckerberg explained that the changes were meant to increase privacy and allow users to better control who can see their information. While the networks worked well when Facebook was only open to college students, apparently they aren't working as well now that it has reached mass appeal.

"The plan we've come up with is to remove regional networks completely and create a simpler model for privacy control where you can set content to be available to only your friends, friends of your friends, or everyone. We're adding something that many of you have asked for — the ability to control who sees each individual piece of content you create or upload."

In a nutshell, this is an overhaul of privacy setting on Facebook. In the coming weeks, you'll receive a message asking you to update yours, along suggestions for your preferences based on your current settings. I generally keep my social networking accounts private, but the no-regional network change means I won't be able to stalk — er, check out profiles from — people that live in my city. How do you feel about this?

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kalaki78 kalaki78 7 years
I don't agree with the overhaul at all. I feel as if it made it less private. My picture can now be seen and my "friends of friends" can now find me and that wasn't the case previously. I am truly annoyed and now signing off of Facebook.
xgreenfairyx xgreenfairyx 7 years
I don't agree with Facebook at all, and never intend to sign up for an account. The fact that they subtracted a statement in their user agreement that said you can delete your content at any time is suspect enough. Changing privacy settings ain't gonna change the fact that you can only control your stuff with a 'setting' rather than get rid of it for good. Hells no.
itme13 itme13 7 years
I agree #3. I was talking about this last night w/a friend. There is already an extensive privacy setting control panel to use. There is zero need to delete networks. Only my friends can see anything on my site, that’s how I have my privacy setting set. Just cause I’m in a network doesn’t mean anyone in my network can currently see my page. I don't understand what he’s talking about in that letter to facebook users because everything he claims to be doing this for, is already in place. And the privacy settings are very easy to understand already, I don’t know how he plans to dumb it down. And facebook is a "Networking" he plans on taking out the one thing that made the site what it was to begin w/? I don’t get it, it’s completely unnecessary.
suziryder suziryder 7 years
I think it's good. I'm only interested in stalking my friends, not people I don't know. And I'd like knowing that even though I have my privacy settings about as high as they can go for people I'm not friends with, I'd like having the added security of knowing that people won't be able to see my pictures or whatever just because they're in my network.
SofyasDad SofyasDad 7 years
I suppose I like the idea of no regional networks...I mean I wasnt one for much stalking profile research on facebook (that's what google is for). I do hope these new settings keep my ex's from seeing my stuff!
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