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Facebook Changes Terms of Service to Say That They Own Your Content

Facebook's Privacy Policies Change: Your Info Is Their Info

Facebook's terms of services changed recently to say that when you join or upload content, it owns your content, even after you delete your profile. They also say that Facebook can "use your name, likeness and image for any purpose, including commercial or advertising."

The alarming new terms are also unclear (will I see my profile pic on a Facebook ad?!), but more importantly, the change has provoked a federal complaint.

What do you think of this update; does it discourage you from using Facebook, or are you merely a little freaked out?

UPDATE: Facebook has reversed the revision for the time being.


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danixk danixk 8 years
crap like this is why i don't have facebook OR myspace.
sparklestar sparklestar 8 years
Google has everything about us anyway. Big fat hairy deal. I am not concerned about facebook having my graduation pics tbh!!
caroline_1 caroline_1 8 years
thank goodness theyve gone back to the original ToS... i've had facebook since 2004, my school was the first non-Ivy to be included.. it would be too hard to move on, we've had such good times..
amloveaffair amloveaffair 8 years
Now they're offering a group you can join to let them know what you think the TOS should be. General consensus is they have no right to your photos etc. but they might just be doing this to please people and not change anything at all. Who knows, Mark Zuckerberg seems pretty shady.
Tech Tech 8 years
Yep, they did reverse it; I updated the post to reflect that. Thanks everyone!
Special-K Special-K 8 years
I couldn't figure out why I was suddenly got slammed with spam the past couple of days and then I read the big announcement on FB this morning. I have to wonder what would happen if a user first deleted a portion of their content and then later on deleted their account. If they don't stick to the original terms I have deleting my account period.
amloveaffair amloveaffair 8 years
"i didnt even know they had changed them till i logged on to facebook this morning and they said that they went back" I didn't either until the 2 days ago which makes me even more freaked out. They have no right to do that.
amloveaffair amloveaffair 8 years
Like other people said, it's been revised for now but it did make me think about deleting some of my stuff. I use facebook for storage of all my photos (because I hate any other website)
ur_momm ur_momm 8 years
sooo sketchy!!! this freaks me out, i didnt even know they had changed them till i logged on to facebook this morning and they said that they went back. i donno, i like to think that when i delete my profile... its all gone. kinda makes me think twice before posting photos of myself and family...
LOVErickii LOVErickii 8 years
so glad they went back to their original terms
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
It's a little scary, but if you are already on Facebook, there isn't much that can be done now other than lodging complaints. Which I'm very glad a federal complaint has already been filed.
scissorz scissorz 8 years
i am very pleases that they are not operating this way at least for now...its really uncool. how greedy of facebook!
heatherhas heatherhas 8 years
It freaked me out and I considered deleting my profile. Glad they reversed it for the time being.
pinkmystic pinkmystic 8 years
I read that facebook only changed it so that when people delete their accounts their messages and activities (eg. pictures they tagged people in maybe, disscussion boards maybe, etc.) would still remain there... etc. But who knows..
gaucholoco gaucholoco 8 years
Advah Advah 8 years
Eeek that's super creepy! I wish they'd also make any change to their terms more obvious, I had no idea about that!
antiprettysin antiprettysin 8 years
Thankfully, people have been complaining about it so much since they announced it, that they're going back to their original ToS for the time being.
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