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You don't just have to worry about posting pictures that could get you fired on Facebook, but you also have to worry about violating their terms against posting obscene photos — which apparently includes those of breastfeeding mothers.

That's the situation Facebook member Heather Farley found herself in when Facebook took down photos of her breastfeeding her new baby. Their big beef? The areola was visible.

Facebook's spokesman claims that the site doesn't find the pictures obscene, but they're just trying to keep everyone safe: "The company insists it is not about obscenity, but more about safety. The policies are to ensure the site remains safe, secure and trusted by its users, who also include teenagers."

Oh, I see. Because areolas endanger teens. Wait, what? See, I think it's up to Facebook about what they want to do with their site, but I wish they would have clarified their reasoning more clearly. Also, since the users profile photos are meant for the friends they added, why would Facebook even care?

To hear what Farley and others are doing to fight back against Facebook,


In any case, Farley and thousands others have started a Facebook group, "Hey, Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!".

This reminds me a lot of the Photobucket incident earlier this year where they removed pictures of babies in diapers, for which they eventually admitted their mistake. Will Facebook do the same?


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