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Facebook Font Change Community Responses

Reader Redux: Do You Like the Facebook Font Change?

Recently, Facebook changed the size of its homescreen font, making it difficult for some viewers to read. Many people have spoken out about the change, but Facebook has remained mum save one mention on Twitter.

Here's what some of you had to say about the change:

  • "I'm torn. It's a little too small, but I like the text layout better than before." — PrincessOats
  • "Why, why, why, oh WHY cannot Facebook just leave things alone?!? They are always mucking around with some thing or another that affects our privacy, the way we interact with Facebook or the way it looks. PLEASE Facebook, just leave things alone for a while!" — Elfyn

Check out the rest of the community's responses and share your own after the break.

  • "I hate it! I want the old font size back!" — juicebox07
  • "What is the point of this? If I were on a regular desktop, I might not have an issue with it but I'm usually on my 11.5-inch laptop so now Facebook has to be permanently zoomed in a bit in order for me to read comfortably."> — Desirella
  • "I keep my stay on Facebook for two hours at least in a day, regularly. I have not noticed any significant change, so no issue for me." — Suppliers
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    phonetic phonetic 6 years
    Individuals hate change. But if a product stagnates, the crowd will leave it in the dust. Kudos to Facebook for realizing this and making no apologies.
    Carri Carri 6 years
    I don't know why they have to keep screwing with everything. Can't they just leave it be? The second you get used to a change, they go and change it again. I noticed they took away the "unsubscribe" option, which totally sucks.
    TheEnchantedOne TheEnchantedOne 6 years
    It's so small, I think I accidentally miss some posts because of the miniscule font size. If they won't restore the old layout, it will surely take some getting used to.
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