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What Google Autocomplete Says About Our Social Media Sites

Feb 25 2014 - 9:15am

Who doesn't love a good Google autocomplete? It reveals what we as a society associate with certain people, places, and things. Today we tackle social media sites — if the world thinks Facebook is like a refrigerator and Google+ is like the gym, what's Pinterest all about? Let's find out.

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Pinterest Is Like . . .

Tumblr = Um, not really.

Crack = Self-explanatory.

Fantasy football = Fantasy football for girls. Well, that's just sexist.

Facebook Is Like . . .

A chair = Chairs are made so that people can sit down and take a break. (Let this video [2] explain.)

High school = Drama.

A drug = Addicting.

A refrigerator = You keep checking, but nothing ever changes.

Twitter Is Like . . .

Having a conversation with yourself = And hoping that someone else will join in.

High school = Drama. Again.

Talking to yourself = See above.

A cocktail party = Mix and mingle with different people. Don't just talk about yourself. Be polite.

Instagram Is Like . . .

Monopoly = Your life isn't real.

Snapchat = After Instagram Direct messaging came out [3], kind of.

Facebook = FOMO.

Google Plus Is Like . . .

The gym = Everyone has it but no one uses it.

(Just) like Facebook = Really? No.

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