Facebook's new face-lift has taken full effect (everyone should see the changes by the end of the day), and I have to say I like it, but not without reservations.

Separating the different updates is fabulous; I like that new photos, albums, and videos are in the margin, while the main feed is status updates. However, the look is so Twittery (the real-time concept, way it looks when you reply to someone) that it doesn't feel like Facebook as much.

I like that Twitter and Facebook serve different purposes (and more importantly, different audiences), and I'm not looking to have one replace the other — which it feels like Facebook is trying to get you to do (especially with the new policy allowing you to publish to unlimited readers) with the new look.

I'm curious to know how you guys feel about it though; certainly, it's cleaner and more organized. And I'm quite curious to know how non-Twitter users feel about it, too, since the interface concepts must be new to you.

Take a vote and let me know why you do or do not like it in the comments!