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Facebook Places Robberies

Burglars Targeted Victims by Facebook Status Updates

Last Winter, a UK-based website predicted home insurance rates could rise because of social networks and location-based sites like Foursquare. I was slightly skeptical at first, but now I'm changing my tune. Why? According to a New Hampshire news station, three men chose houses to rob based on Facebook status updates.

According to a blog post on the New York Times website, over 18 houses were targeted after the alleged perpetrators saw Facebook status updates indicating the residents weren't at home.

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Between $100,000 and $200,000 worth of stolen property was recovered after the suspects were apprehended.

While this kind of activity is far from the norm, recently announced feature Facebook Places has been getting some heat for potentially causing the same sorts of problems. While Facebook has said that it will not broadcast your whereabouts 24/7, it's still best to watch what you're posting on any location-based site, or at least be extra-certain you're only sharing your location with your close friends and family.

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pinkmystic pinkmystic 6 years
sounds like it's their fb friends who are robbing them... who else would see your statuses and know where you live? I know my address isn't anywhere on my profile...
Matdredalia Matdredalia 6 years
Things like this make me really, really grateful that I'm not big on over-sharing. My family thinks I am, but then again, they don't really grasp the difference between sharing and over-sharing. I may post that I'm at the fair, or out to a nice dinner, or I'm on vacation (IE: semi-important outtings). However, my home is not easy to find, and I don't share it's location on ANY site. Even my pictures that are geo-tagged on Flickr from home are NOT tagged with my actual location. I rarely, if ever, even tag them with my home town. Paranoid? Maybe a tad, but better safe than sorry. I like social networking, I like sharing. But I also like abusing Facebook's privacy features, and taking measures to protect myself and my family.
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