Did you get defriended by someone hoping for a free cheeseburger? The New York Times reports that the reason Facebook pulled a Burger King app promising a free burger if you defriended ten friends was that it sent a notification that you were no longer someone's friend (usually, there's no annoying status update, unlike the glaringly public breakup announcement). How rude!

In my cavalier MySpace days, when it seemed like adding as many people as you could was the right way to go, I eventually had to defriend people, mainly based on the fact that we weren't really friends in the first place. Now that I only add people to my Facebook account that I actually know and am friends with in real life, I haven't had to defriend anyone. Nor has a burger encouraged me to do so.

But what if you have a falling out with someone? Or you don't want someone having access to your info? Tell me: Have you ever had to defriend anyone?