Have you ever noticed that Facebook automatically adds "they" or "themself" to profiles where users haven't specified whether they are male or female? Yeah, me neither.

Facebook is trying to put an end to their grammatical issues by making members select whether they are male or female so that issues don't arise. "We've gotten feedback from translators and users in other countries that translations wind up being too confusing when people have not specified a sex on their profiles," Facebook product manager Naomi Gleit said in a company statement.

Because Facebook has recently expanded to include 15 new languages, it's imperative that people say which sex they are since the "they" or "themself" option isn't available when the plural is always masculine or feminine in other languages. Let me guess. . . French?! I always had such a hard time ingraining which words were masculine and feminine into my French vocab.

For those that think this is a tad intrusive, Facebook is also offering an opt-out option for people who don't feel the need, or don't feel comfortable indicating their gender.