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Is It Time to Take My Personal Info Off of Facebook?

As a tech-literate consumer, I'm fairly liberal when it comes to sharing information on the Internet. I generally trust sites to respect my privacy (the larger ones, at least), and I rarely put sensitive information online . . . just in case. But now a new Facebook privacy practice may finally make me reconsider my liberal stance. Facebook is giving third-party developers API access to your address and phone number. Find out more after the break.

On a post on its developer blog, Facebook explains the change, reminding readers that users will have to give their express permission for anyone to access this info. Still, given the frequency at which I allow certain applications to access my Facebook data, I see this latest change as going a little bit too far. And after so many privacy woes, I'm surprised Facebook made this change in the first place.

I've always trusted Facebook with my address and telephone number — which I share only with a select group of close friends — but this latest change has prompted me to remove it completely. While choosing to keep or remove this data certainly won't make or break my Facebook experience, I did like that friends and family had a fast way of finding my contact information. What do you think? Have you changed what information is included in your profile thanks to these recent changes?

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