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Facebook Undergoes Another Homepage Redesign, Makes Birthdays More Prominent

The Face of Facebook Is Changing . . . Again

Facebook isn't for everyone, but most of us like the way it keeps us in contact with friends and family — if you can figure out how to work it to your advantage. After the big hullabaloo over the last Facebook revamp, where users claimed that it was confusing and less efficient to use, you'd think that FB would give the facelifts a rest. Never one to rest on its laurels, Facebook is pulling out another revision for the main page of the site, adding a Top News and Recent Activity stream for you to toggle back and forth between, as well as making birthday reminders more prominent.

Other noteworthy reasons for the upgrade include faster page loading speeds, more control over what's important to you, and it puts items that went missing from the last overhaul (like friend acceptances and photo tagging notifications) back into the streams.

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Virginia-Chavez Virginia-Chavez 7 years
Could this redesign be the culprit to recent glitches? They're driving me effin nuts!!!!
skigurl skigurl 7 years
i got used to the new facebook, like everyone else, but i find it kinda seems like less information is available on my main screen and therefore my creep-athons are less interesting..i hope the new one changes that somehow
bethinabox bethinabox 7 years
SO true, runningesq. It's so annoying seeing everyone complain all the time when Facebook changes something. It's like 2 months of non-stop "UGH I hate this new Facebook, I'll never get used to it, whine whine whine"... I can't even remember what Facebook used to look like. If you all hate it so much, stop using the website. Problem solved!!
Elfyn Elfyn 7 years
I would be happy if they would just bring back Facebook 1.0. I haven't forgotten how much I liked it and how much better is 'still' is.
runningesq runningesq 7 years
birthday reminders more prominent? um, yay? FB changes, and everyone complains, and joins groups like "BRING BACK THE OLD FB!!!!!" ........ and then everyone forgets.q
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