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Fake Baby Tracking on the New 90210: Really?!

I knew that Beverly Hills was a wealthy place with fancy schools, but I had no idea that they had amazing technology. . . for the Home Ec class! On the last episode of the new 90210 (no, it's still not as good as the original, in case you were wondering), the Home Ec (or is it Domestic Science?) teacher alleged that for the requisite teenagers-taking-care-of-fake-babies experiment, there was a "unique tracking device" in each baby doll, so that they'd know if the faux kid got left behind. Really?! Really. Each kid. Wow, 90210.

I mean, back when I was in high school, we got a sack of flour with an egg inserted in the top and if you screwed up, the egg broke. I mean, it was low budget, but it was effective. I think if West Bev High can afford technology so outlandish, they should probably be investing in programs that make the students smart enough to question a "unique tracking device" for baby dolls.

Home Ec. . . in the year two-thousaaaaaaaand. . . !

Photos courtesy of The CW

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emilythe1st emilythe1st 8 years
I had them. They were so realistic that when I walked into a grocery store, people scowled at me because they thought I was a 16 year old with a baby. (To make matters worse, I lived in a very ignorant white town, and my baby was hispanic.)
rickimc rickimc 8 years
Home Ec is now called FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences. My HS was College Prep, so no Home Ec, but my mom was one at another HS - her class had egg babies.
emms emms 8 years
This storyline was AWESOME. It was perfect from my 90210 drinking game, "Take a shot every time something LAME happens." Needless to say, I'm trashed by the end of each episode. TRASHED.
jessie jessie 8 years
i had a bag of flour...i left it in my locker for the weekend...:rotfl:...jeez..that was..ohh...13 yrs ago..:oy:..many, many moons ago...:)
HereComesTheSun HereComesTheSun 8 years
Was that a Flight of the Conchords joke there at the end? lol
gaelgirl gaelgirl 8 years
they had these in my hs in wv. i thought they were good b/c they were loud & annoying. good birth control
Nyczbelle Nyczbelle 8 years
Yea I remember doing this in highschool but our school was so cheap that students had eggs as babies. We drew faces and carried it around. I wish we had those high tech babies, it would've been a lot of fun! :ANEGYPTIAN: Anyway, I'm getting fond of this new 90210 but the original still way better! :)
juiceejuice juiceejuice 8 years
we had the same exact babies in middle school
yadiet yadiet 8 years
i didnt get to watch it. and they dont have the episode online of the CW.. how can i watch the show
skigurl skigurl 8 years
oh and also, we weren't required to take this parenting class; it was an elective. but i think parenting is still smart in highschool even in 2008! i mean, people still have kids as much as they did in the 50s, and now it seems people are having kids younger and younger so it's a good lesson.
queenlizzie queenlizzie 8 years
We couldn't afford those at my high school. We didn't even have a sack of flour. You got one egg, and you had to make your own bed/carrying case for it. I used a tiny basket filled with loose cotton. Not very effective!
skigurl skigurl 8 years
we had these in my highschool too, but i dont think they had GPS in them to let them know if they were left behind...but it is pretty smart technology!
Deidre Deidre 8 years
I don't personally know anyone who has ever had to do the fake-baby assignment. I honestly thought this was some weird cliche that tv/movie writers made up until the good people over on the BuzzSugar comment board set me straight!
rachelsmith rachelsmith 8 years
Eh. My friend had a high tech baby - it recorded how fast you could get the baby to stop crying, it really did cry throughout the night, and the teacher hooked it up to the computer at the beginning and end, and did things like set certain times when the baby would be off, for which you needed a parent note, like for a doctor's appointment. It was such a pain - we couldn't even jostle it or be too loud when it was asleep. Not that I don't appreciate how much work a bay is and that a real baby is ten thousand times worse, but seriously. Why do we need to eat and feed and change a robot? And it really could tell if you changed it - the diapers had chips or something.
weffie weffie 8 years
The teacher also told them if the baby's head wasn't supported it would register as abuse. FAIL!
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
they had that here too, don't know if they still do. i remember being in a movie with one and the mother of the girl kept saying "it's her school assignment! she shouldn't have to miss the movie because of a school assignment". there was practically a riot in the theater, they ended up leaving.
CanadianDana CanadianDana 8 years
We had them in my high school as well, and I graduated back in 1999. So they are nothing new. It sounds like we had the same doll as Star54.
star54 star54 8 years
I had one of those back in high school. I had to take care of it for a weekend (still to this day the worst most sleep deprived weekend of my life). But yeah, it had a computer inside it that kept track of how long the baby was crying for before you "fed" it - by sticking a key in it's back. I think it also recorded if you dropped it or hit it. I think I took it to a house party with me that weekend. lol. Yeah not the best mom, but I was I was like, 17 I think, and no way was I gonna let it get in the way of my social life!
tashab tashab 8 years
we had these in home & family when i was in 8th grade (i'm 24 now). it was called Baby Think It Over. ours was an older model (obviously), but the teacher had normal ones and then she had one for demonstration that was intended to be a baby born addicted to cocaine who cried all the time and shook.
mishy_foster16 mishy_foster16 8 years
We had these babies in my high school. Each one had a little computer inside them that let the teacher know in the end if you took care of it properly.
misguidedeskimo misguidedeskimo 8 years
This isn't new -- they had babies with tracking devices on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody a couple years back. ... i think Hannah Montana had an episode with these same babies too! Although it's a reality show, the Hulk made Nick carry around one of these on Hogan Knows Best, and John Krasinski/Mandy Moore carried around twins in License to Wed! :)
cmd0610 cmd0610 8 years
I love this rant :D
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