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I knew that Beverly Hills was a wealthy place with fancy schools, but I had no idea that they had amazing technology. . . for the Home Ec class! On the last episode of the new 90210 (no, it's still not as good as the original, in case you were wondering), the Home Ec (or is it Domestic Science?) teacher alleged that for the requisite teenagers-taking-care-of-fake-babies experiment, there was a "unique tracking device" in each baby doll, so that they'd know if the faux kid got left behind. Really?! Really. Each kid. Wow, 90210.

I mean, back when I was in high school, we got a sack of flour with an egg inserted in the top and if you screwed up, the egg broke. I mean, it was low budget, but it was effective. I think if West Bev High can afford technology so outlandish, they should probably be investing in programs that make the students smart enough to question a "unique tracking device" for baby dolls.

Home Ec. . . in the year two-thousaaaaaaaand. . . !

Photos courtesy of The CW

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