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Hollywood's URL: Fake Movie Dot-Coms

Jun 26 2009 - 5:47am

Facebook getting a feature film about its origins [1] got me thinking about how the Internet has been portrayed on film — particularly the dot-com business side and the fake websites that movies have to create to further their plot. Check out a few of my favorite fake URLs from the big screen!

Bigwindow.com From 40 Days and 40 Nights

The '90s Josh Hartnett vehicle 40 Days and 40 Nights [2] starred a dot-com-era workplace in San Francisco, even though I'm pretty sure we had no idea what he — or the website — did.

Source [3]

Landshark.com From August

Last year, Hartnett starred in another movie with a fake Internet business called Landshark — box office bomb August [4].

DiaperRush.com in A Lot Like Love

Ashton Kutcher's character in A Lot Like Love [5] (a guilty pleasure movie of mine, sadly) built up a diaper delivery online service called DiaperRush.com.

Source [6]

CarrieBradshaw.com From the Sex and the City Movie

In last year's big-screen version of Sex and the City [7], Jennifer Hudson revamped Carrie Bradshaw's eponymous website.

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