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Falling Skies Preview at 2011 WonderCon

5 Reasons to Watch Falling Skies This Summer

I sat in on the Falling Skies panel yesterday at WonderCon, and although I walked in not knowing much of anything about the Steven Spielberg-backed project on TNT, I walked out pretty excited to tune in when it debuts on June 19. After hearing what writers Melinda Hsu, Mark Verheiden, and star Drew Roy had to say about the series, and seeing a few sneak peeks, I came up with five reasons you should tune in this Summer. Check them out below!

  • The cast — Not only does the cast consist of ER alum Noah Wyle (who's been gone from the small screen for far too long in my opinion), but also stars Moon Bloodgood (Journeyman and Terminator Salvation), and up-and-comer Drew Roy (Secretariat), who is pretty easy on the eyes as a mashup between Joseph Gordon Levitt, Jake Gyllenhaal, and John Connor.
  • The story — From what I could tell from the clips, sci-fi addicts Melinda Hsu and Mark Verheiden are poised to do the genre justice. Falling Skies takes place six months after a worldwide alien invasion, where children are being rounded up and controlled with biomechanical harnesses. No one knows what they're being used for. There is a resistance movement, and the whole story feels a lot like one of my recent faves, The Walking Dead, except with, you know, aliens.

See the rest of the list after the break.

  • Linear narratives — Death to flashbacks! I couldn't have been happier to hear that Steven Spielberg and the writers agreed that flashbacks are "overdone," and won't be included in Falling Skies. Who needs them anyway? There was an invasion, now they're fighting to live. Move forward.
  • The aliens — There are two kinds of aliens in the show — Skitters and Mechs — and you get to see them right away. There's no Lost-like beating around the bush here. Skitters are short, spider-like creatures, whereas Mechs are robotic (Cylons!), and stand on two legs and have guns for arms. Additionally, they aren't all CGI, either — the aliens are made up by a combo of live action and special effects. Cool.
  • It airs Sunday nights — What else are you going to do on Sunday nights at 9 p.m.? It's the perfect post-weekend, pre-workweek time suck.
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