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Fan Reaction to Matt Smith Doctor Who

#ThankYouMattSmith: Fans Say Goodbye to Eleven

Sniff, sniff. After three seasons, 41 episodes, and numerous specials, actor Matt Smith has finally retired his role as the Eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who. During last night's Christmas special, a record-breaking 10 million Whovians witnessed the genesis of a new Time Lord (played by Peter Capaldi), who will have a big bow tie to fill.

If the tributes pouring in from Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram are any indication, the fish-sticks- and custard-loving, arm-flailing, wibbly-wobbly Eleven is still very fresh in Whovians' hearts. Grab your tissues — Doctor Who fandom is rallying together in what may be the most emotional send-off yet, and we've collected some of the most tear-jerking farewells here.

Source: BBC America

Matt Reads It and Weeps

Only writer Steven Moffat could pen a line this poignant. During a reading of the Christmas special, Matt unleashes the waterworks after rehearsing a pivotal scene. The moment was featured in the 12-minute behind-the-scenes Time of the Doctor documentary — but there are spoilers, so don't watch if you haven't seen the episode!


The Geekiverse Unites

Tumblr user my-flourish-and-blotts made the most moving salute, with a GIF triptych that left us, in the words of Ron Burgundy, in a glass case of emotion.

From the Harry Potter Fandom

Source: Warner Bros.

From the Sherlock Fandom

Source: BBC One

From the Hunger Games Fandom

Source: Lionsgate

Karen Gillan Congratulates an Old Friend

The Pains of Moving On

Tumblr user snogboxes perfectly captures the collective feelings of all Whovians this Christmas.

Source: BBC

Source: BBC

Even BBC Got Emotional

One Last Bow (Tie)

The red bow isn't the only thing that distinguished Eleven from the 10 Doctors who came before him, but in Time of the Doctor, when that tie dropped, so did our hearts. Tumblr user letsgetastrophysical immortalized this symbolic moment in a GIF.

But, Seriously, Thank You

. . . and Finally, a Word From Matt Smith

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