We all know that dads love gadgets so finding a great gift to show your dad how much you care about him this Father's Day should be a breeze. My tips: Dads always think they are hip and in the know about technology, but sometimes aren't. You can help make your dad or father figure be the hippest papa on the block - or in the office - by getting him a gadget or gizmo that is not only cool, but also useful. Hint: Don't even consider getting him a Titanium iPod Nano Case.

The gift of this season has to be the iPhone, which drops June 29. While you won't be able to present it to him on the day of fatherly celebration - I am pretty sure a nice IOU card with a homemade iPhone certificate will win his undying love (as if you don't already have it).

It costs $499 for the 4GB model and $599 for the 8GB model, so you might want to team up with your siblings. Why will he love it? It's a cell phone, office, iPod and luxury gadget all in one. But you already knew that.

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My dad and I have a humor-based relationship. Whether it's quietly snickering over my mom's latest hobby or talking about South Park and Reno 911, I can always count on him for a laugh - or a gag gift.

I happen to love the idea of getting my dad a pair of Brightfeet Lighted Slippers, which are equipped with long-lasting battery-operated LED bulbs that light up only in the dark while you are standing in them. Not only will dad be pleased that he can sneak around the kitchen without turning on the light, but he'll feel like a geeky king because they're actually comfortable. Priced at $40.

Everyone loves a great speaker set, and the journi offers a tiny, portable "classy boombox" combined with a sleek shape and good sound. Dad can hook up his iPod (it works with all models) and rock out in his home office, work office, backyard or basement. The battery works for 8-10 hours of play on a single charge via AC adapter or powered USB port and the device syncs your iPod with your computer's iTunes library as it charges. It does have an Auxiliary Audio Input for other digital music players. Costs $129.99.

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