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My list of favorite gadgets is getting pretty long, but I'm secretly hoping I'll find at least one that takes the cake over all the rest. Do you have a favorite gadget? I know you do, so why don't you share with us by posting it to My Favorite Gadgets group?

If you aren't already a member, first subscribe to the My Favorite Gadgets Group, and if you're new to Teamsugar, take a stroll through our FAQ's about how to create a blog post. Then submit your photos and reasons why your gadget is your favorite.

Go ahead, brag about your new phone, or tell us how you finally picked up that DSLR that you've been pining over — and it's better than you ever imagined. I'll take a good love-at-first-gadget story any day.


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ChicBookFiend ChicBookFiend 8 years
I love my laptop, desktop, digital cam, iPod, etc., but the thing that I absolutely cannot do without now is my iPhone. I've got all those things in one neat little device and I can surf the web everywhere I go now. (I can look up Geeksugar at the supermarket or nail salon -- how neat is that?!) I get excellent 3G reception where I live, with all bars almost all the time, and when it does change over to edge it isn't bad at all, so lack of Internet speed or bad reception aren't issues for me. I don't know where this phone has been all my life. It more than makes up for the hype, IMHO, and I'm not ashamed to gush about it. So glad I decided to get it. :)
macgirl macgirl 8 years
I've had my fair share of gadgets and I know my fav. I would be afraid of being flamed for loving my iPhone. People love to use the word "hype" when talking about the iPhone. We updated our baby website real time during the birth of my last son. Yesterday when I was on foot in an unfamiliar neighborhood I found local restaurants and their locations on a map with a little live blue dot that represented me and where I was moving real time. When I'm doing my two mile walk which I monitor on my iPhone I can play the Wiggles "Hot Potato" song to calm my son if he starts to get cranky. Clients ask me all the time if I have any new photos of the baby, I have over 300, knock yourself out. Bar argument over what actress was in which movie? On the road and need to comment on, I can do that too. I LOVE this phone and all the features. Sure it has some faults but I wouldn't trade it for anything else.
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