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Female Characters in Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3 Gives Girl Gamers Some Options

Although the Gears of War 3 announcement that was to take place on Jimmy Fallon's show last week was spoiled on Xbox Live ahead of time, he did get the scoop on the world premiere of the official trailer last night — called "Ashes to Ashes" — which comes with some good news for the girl gamers out there: you can now play a female combat character in the game.

I've said before that my boyfriend (and all his buddies) love playing the Gears of War series, but since then, I've become addicted to the franchise as well and am glad that the fairer sex is getting some representation in the combat game. Sure, you can still play as a mutated alien or a beefed-up man-soldier in GOW3 if that's your preference, but it's good to have the option of playing a butt-kicking lady as well. Check out the recently released (and oh-so-depressing) trailer to see what I mean when you read more.

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No-Way No-Way 5 years
It's a result of political correctness. GOW is just a fill-in game until MW3 is out in a few weeks. COD series is always better.
GOWQueen GOWQueen 5 years
I, as a woman GOW player, am happy that they have finally added female characters and for the women in here bashing what they have done, maybe you should learn up on the GOW franchise, because in the original books there are female characters who do participate in fighting, not just advising Marcus and Dom on where to go and other tidbits. "Boobie action" Really? The characters aren't running around in bikini's or their underwear, so calm your ignorant talk please. I am a grown woman who enjoys this game, and there is nothing wrong with the gaming community trying to include women more in the games, because it is becoming a uni-sex gaming world, and men will have to suffer (boo-frickin'-hoo) and games will change their market, because I personally spend more money in an EB Games store, than in a clothing store, and I know women like me are not the rule as of the moment, but some day they will be hopefully.
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