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By Lauren Orsini

Pinterest's tech department is twice as female as Twitter's, and more so than the departments at Facebook and Yahoo, the numbers show.

Source: Pinterest

On Thursday, Pinterest released its diversity numbers indicating the company's gender and ethnicity makeup. The release is a followup to Pinterest tech lead Tracy Chou's Medium post, Where are the numbers?, urging tech companies to reveal their diversity statistics.

In the release, Chou notes, "We're not close to where we want to be," but Pinterest is still doing scores better than fellow technology companies when it comes to gender. The overall company is 40 percent women and 50 percent Caucasian.


With a tech team that's 21 percent female, Pinterest has twice as many women in its tech department as Twitter, percentage-wise. Meanwhile, both Yahoo's and Facebook's tech teams are a little better at 15 percent women.

Along with a 50 percent Caucasian workforce, 42 percent of Pinterest's employees are Asian, with a smattering of other ethnicities making up the remaining 8 percent.

Headed by CEO Ben Silbermann, who is biracial, Pinterest has a good track record of promoting non-white employees to management positions. Chou is Asian and Justin Edmund, a highly visible product designer, is among the non-white Pinterest employees.

Pinterest's 19 percent female leadership ratio remains as dismal as other top tech companies, lower than Facebook's 23 percent female management.

Pinterest is making the most obvious strides in the intern department. This year, 32 percent of the tech team interns the company has hired this year are women, compared to last year's 29 percent.

Out of all the major technology companies, Pinterest has the largest female audience.

The report noted that Pinterest contributes toward tech organizations for women and girls, including Girls Who Code. As resources for women increase, we suspect more tech teams will begin to look like Pinterest's.

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