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File Instruction Manuals Away Electronically

Geek Tip: Save Instruction Manuals on Your Computer

If Santa brought you everything on your geeky wish list, chances are you've got a lot of reading to do to figure out how to best use your new toys. And chances are even better that you'll only glance at those instructions before throwing them in the wrapping paper pile or in a junk drawer. But if you do want to keep them around in case you ever run into a troubleshooting issue, make sure you keep an electronic copy on your computer.

Whether it's bookmarking the instructions on a webpage or saving the PDF in a folder on your hard drive, having an electronic copy of manuals means you'll always know where to look for them without having to rummage through papers just to figure out why which button does what. Instructions for most gadgets are easily available online from the manufacturers' websites, so do a quick online search of your goods and file them away. Time to get recycling!

Source: Flickr User renaissancechambara

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