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Finally Fast Infomercial Can't Tell the Difference Between a Mac and a PC

Seriously Confused Infomercial Can't Tell a Mac From a PC

We all know how frustrating a slow computer can be. Sometimes, I even have little patience for a slow-moving machine. So what to do? Get more RAM, move some of your data to an external hard drive to free up some space? Well if you're up late at night, you might be tempted by the Finally Fast infomercial like my pal Molly was, who tipped me off to this hilarity.

Finally Fast offers you a free diagnostic test and free software to "get your computer up to peak performance", then flashes a warning that tells us: Finally Fast is for PC computers only. So why are there Macs being used in the commercial?! Needless to say, you shouldn't trust Finally Fast if they can't even tell the difference between a Mac and a PC. Watch and enjoy.

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djkatscan djkatscan 8 years
I hate this commercial. They actually made a new one I have seen a couple times without the macs in it. They must have heard the outcry. Doesnt make the "product" any less of a scam.
aistea311 aistea311 8 years
I hate when they do that!!
floppyfish1986 floppyfish1986 8 years
I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this! When this commercial first came on I kept thinking that's a mac!
3liz4b3th 3liz4b3th 8 years
the blue screen of death on the ibook was priceless.
elizabethsosewn elizabethsosewn 8 years
... my comment got cut off. lol. basically. that "company" is CRAZY SSCAMMMMYY
elizabethsosewn elizabethsosewn 8 years
i work for a spam firewall and networking company in the bay area, and believe me my BOYFRIEND almost fell for this. (also, he thought IE was better than Firefox >_<) that stuff is SUSH A SCAM
marinewifey marinewifey 8 years
This commercial is on my last nerve!
angelabeth angelabeth 8 years
BUT A MAC ISSSSS A PC!! PC stands for personal computer, not a computer running Windows!!! UGHHH.
only-so-cute only-so-cute 8 years
i can't stand this commercial, it's just annoying like the HeadOn commercial.
TidalWave TidalWave 8 years
who cares? anyone who can't change their own computer settings wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a mac and a pc either. //never seen this commercial before
verily verily 8 years
To be fair, you can use Windows on a Mac with Boot Camp.
iLauren iLauren 8 years
Gah I hate this commercial! Its been bothering me since I first saw it. If its not for Mac users...don't use them in your computer and superimpose PC screens over the Macs on screenshots. Macs don't need your stupid program so don't use them in your commercial!
Caramel-Kisses Caramel-Kisses 8 years
I've seen this commercial tons of times~!! It really bothers me. Not only is that a Mac, they say they've been in all these magazines, Newsweek and whatnot? What about PC Magazine? You get Kudos from Microsoft? Noooooo.
Molly Molly 8 years
This made me laugh SO hard the other night.
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