We all want to have perfectly cropped and edited photos to post to our Flickr accounts, but how can you do that if you are working without some reliable software? Take it online that's how. We received this question from TeamSugar member bluespirit who wanted to know more about free photo editing software:

"I've wanted a free photo editing program for awhile now but can't afford something like Photoshop. A simple Google search turned up quite a few results, but which is the best free photo editing program out there?"

Good news for you, my photo-loving friend, because I have posted a ton of suggestions for amazing (and free!) online photo-editing sites here already. But to see my suggestion for you, and to find out which site is my current obsession, just


Since you mentioned you'd love to get your hands on Photoshop, but can't afford the price tag, you should check out Photoshop Express. It contains most of the tools you'll find in the full-scale version, but it's online and free! That's right, free.

The photo-editing site that's rocking my boat right now is Flauntr. Flauntr lets you edit like you're in Photoshop or iPhoto, plus it helps get your photos out of your computer and into the hands of friends and family all in one stop.

What is your favorite free online photo-editing site? Share with the group in the comments!