I'm sure many people watch and deconstruct Lost without the benefit of the Internet and the astonishing amount of clues that are on it, but I don't know why you would! Lost is perhaps the first traditional TV show that's extremely interactive (check my gadget review)! Since its 2004 debut, the show has spawned movie clues (remember J.J. Abrams' Mission: Impossible III credits-tribute?), a book by a fictional author, and coordinating viral websites like Oceanicflight815.com and now Find815.com. Find815.com revolves around a new character, Sam, who has lost his fiancé Sonya (an 815 flight attendant) in the crash and is determined to find the survivors, despite Oceanic's official calling off of the search.

This site is geek central — Sam has clues you have to find in his email on his laptop, a video diary filmed on his camera, and messages you can listen to on his cell phone (I'm pretty sure that that was my first cell phone, BTW). I have already become paralyzed by this website — there are so many clues! But do any of them have any relevance to what happened Thursday night?! Oh Lost, you terrible, wonderful thing.