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Geek Community: An Old Flame Comes Back to Haunt

We know that dating in the time of tech can be tricky. But what happens when your real life ex crosses your path online? That's exactly what happened to lastsinglegal, who asks for your advice on her recent virtual run-in:

I'm a pretty traditional, love at first sight kinda girl, but inspired by the Diary of an Online Dater on TresSugar I decided to see if love does lie on a site for me. Or rather, I decided to log in to after continual prodding and encouragement from friends and a fair number of dating blunders and letdowns IRL.

So, after a glass of wine one night, I logged in, set my age range and location, and clicked to find matches within 10 miles. I didn't fill out any profile information, answer any questions about myself (aside from my area), and didn't upload a profile pic. As I waited for the results to churn, I expected the oddballs, scruffy dudes that can't talk to women, and Slick Ricks. Guess what? The first blinking picture was someone I already dated . . . in high school! It's been over a decade, but I could not believe it. He looks the same, sounds a bit more eloquent, but most of all, he was right there. Blinking.


Read the rest of her post, and share your advice after the break.

After taking screenshots for evidence, I was stuck by how very odd it really is. I take some comfort in the fact that it wasn't Match magic or an algorithm, just location that matched us up, but it's still unbelievable. I've narrowed the possibilities down to: 1. We live in a small city 2. Fate 3. OMG the world is tiny. 5. Get offline — there's no one left!

While I have no intention of dating this guy, the situation has sparked endless questions and suggestions from friends. The main one being, "You at least have to say hi and share the story!" If I do, I'd rather it be in real life, because I am often off put by online flirting, but it all seems too weird. What's your advice and seriously, isn't this just a little too bizarre?

Do you have a tech dating conundrum of your own? Share it with the Tech Dating 101 group and get some help!

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RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
It's not bizarre or a weird thing to do at all. It sucks that you don't want to date him though. That would have been a good conversation starter, and you bet he would have replied. heh
elizabethsosewn elizabethsosewn 6 years
FATE.but i'm a hopeless romantic.
elizabethsosewn elizabethsosewn 6 years
FATE. but i'm a hopeless romantic.
matchgirl matchgirl 6 years
Haha love it! I actually forgot to mention in my series that soon after joining match I came across one of my ex's less-than-desirable old roommates (who had recently moved to my area), which disturbed me because our compatibility rating was really high! I also saw a guy in the park by my apartment who I couldn't quite place...until I realized he was another match guy! The real world really does overlap with the online dating world, and it's not always a good thing...
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