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Fingerless Gloves: The Cold Weather Touchscreen Solution!

Each week my coats seem to get a little thicker as the temperature drops, and soon it'll be time to bundle up. My pet peeve of the cold weather is trying to press buttons on the iPod and otherwise use my iPhone's touchscreen while keeping my hands warm in gloves.

A few Winters ago, I got used to just taking off my gloves when I needed to use the clickwheel (or, I'm not proud to admit, using a pair of gloves with a hole in the forefinger) on my iPod.

But this time, I'll be ready! I'm conquering the touchscreen/glove dilemma by getting into fingerless gloves. My faves are these Preference Gloves from Anthropologie that have a mitten attachment, so you're not constantly looking like a posh punk. Unless that's what you're going for.

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